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Photography by Joey Henry / Design by Kelley Wills

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        Dearest friends, supporters, and gassers of Joe's Truck Stop, I'm beyond excited to announce the new album, Yonderings, due out this Spring! Scratch that, it's out now! On CD at least...vinyl's coming soon too!

        Yonderings won't be available on streaming services until April 29th in an attempt to encourage music listeners to go beyond streaming services in how we connect with and support the music and musicians we love. Of course the best way is to go direct, which you can do here at  TRUCK STOP SHOP .


        I'll also be releasing songs weekly at our Bandcamp site (https://joestruckstop.bandcamp.com/) and highly encourage streaming folks to consider downloading high-definition copies of your favorite records from your favorite bands as well as browsing the sites many genre pages for something else to brighten your day. You can hear Wishin' on a Star and Gas Station Sushi over at our page right now!

        About the album: It was recorded in August 2021 by David Mayfield (David Mayfield Parade, Cadillac Sky), who drove down to Lebanon, Ohio to set up his mobile studio inside a 50 year old barn and record ten songs with us over three days. The band is comprised of some of my favorite people and musicians, including the core of last summer’s Truck Stop lineup, Andrew McPheters on banjo and June Youngblood on upright bass.

        I wrote the songs on this album and co-wrote "Midnight on the Ohio" with my dear friend and songwriter, Joe Wunderle. The theme that roams through these songs is one of traveling, whether cross-country in a minivan, across the ocean seeking new beginnings, or from one plane of existence to another. This is how the album got its name.

The songs:

Wishin’ on a Star

Winter Waltz

Midnight on the Ohio

Gas Station Sushi

Grease Fire

Still and Silence

Waltz for Lucille

Smilin’ at Nothin

Pappy Hondo
Thank You

The musicians:
- Me, Joe - singing, guitar, big head banjo, and fiddle
- Andrew McPheters - harmony vocals, 5-string banjo
- June Youngblood - harmony vocals, upright bass
- Stephen "Tebbs" Karney - dobro, pedal steel guitar
- Scott Risner - harmony vocals, mandolin
- John K Victor - harmonica
- Joe Wunderle - harmony vocals, harmonica, piano
- Sean Geil - 5-string banjo
- Chris Novy - drums


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Photos by Kenny Dunn